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ICT Vilnius 2013

eFuture was interviewed by the European Commission (more on cordis… » read more


ICT Vilnius 2013

eFuture will be present in the ICT 2013 exhibition in Vilnius on 6.-8.11.2013. Our demonstration vehicle will symbolise the overall system improvements for a FEV with a two motor front drive. For more information on the conference and exhibition… » read more


eFuture Final demonstration

The final review for eFuture will be held on 16.-17.10.2013. We will meet at the TMETC premises in the UK and present the achievements of the project by vehicle and simulation demonstrations. We are looking forward to show selected functions on the… » read more


June conferences

eFuture work on green ADAS is presented at AMAA 2013 and IEEE IV… » read more


second demonstrator vehicle

The second demonstrator vehicle has arrived in Germany! “We are happy to have a vehicle for testing at our location in Würzburg!” said Volker Scheuch, project leader for Intedis. The first vehicle tests are scheduled for… » read more


collaboration with the OpEneR project

A collaboration with the OpEneR project has been initiated. Both projects aim to develop a driving cycle for electric vehicles taking into account the specifics of electric… » read more


Aachen Colloquium

eFuture on the 22. Aachen Colloquium: “A new functional architecture for the improvement of eCar efficiency and… » read more


Second EC Review

The second review with the European Commission and the project reviewers has successfully been passed. The first demonstration vehicle has been presented with all new hardware components and a basic driving functionality. In the next step, the… » read more


First EC Review

The first technical review has been held in October at the European Commission in Brussels. The progress of the project has been acknowledged by the project officer and the reviewers. We are happy to have passed this milestone and continue with even… » read more


IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium 2011

eFuture was present at IEEE IV 2011, presenting : Torque Vectoring with a Feedback and Feed Forward Controller – Applied to a through the Road Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Kaiser, G. (Intedis GmbH), Holzmann, F. (Intedis GmbH), Chretien, B. (Intedis… » read more